Well Uncle Tony and Uncle Joe are now in their eleventh year of the worldwide tour of Great Millennium Shrimp.This will be quite a shock to those who knew Uncle Joe

when he could only play a radio. All the band members hope that the unpleasantness Uncle Joe had in Montana with the sheep will be forgotten, and all will enjoy

the July 4th concert in Kidder, as well as Memorial Day with Textile Abuse In Warminster! There are still plenty of souvenir GMS tee shirts available - guess what will be in Santa's bag this year?

Who would have thought Aunt Carol would have had this much luck? Unfortunately it was all bad. After parking her car Outback, it slid and sank in the pond. :(

She was going to have it towed to dryish land, but the Department of Envirionmental Resources stopped her. They said moving it would destroy

a frog habitat and irritate the kingfisher. Carol reports walking has been good exercise and that frogs and kingfishers can be good pets. Well maybe frogs.

Aunt Cathy is rapidly advancing in Langhorne. She was last seen fleeing down Rt. 413 toward Newtown.

With any luck she will evade the authorities for a few more weeks.

The current situation had something to do with one of the stone balls in front of the Manor and an inflatable Air Dancer.

The bears continue to Kidder around -> more than we'd like actually. Although they are very warm & cuddly in winter,

(as long as they continue to hibernate), they seem to hate cedar trees. There was also a tense moment when we almost awoke

our pal Fuzzy-Teddy (Bruin #4763 by ear tag) last January. Fortunately a treat and a soft song put him back to sleep.

The kids are doing well. Qapla'!!! They have grown tall and strong. Some say this is due to developing a resistance to

enduring both Attic Treasures Show and Tell *_WEEKLY_*, and also an overabundance of puns for too many YEARS!

All the pets are doing well too! The corgis corg it up, Starlet is a star, and Cathy plans to keep me a while longer.